Monday, April 28, 2008

You Can Hide...But God will always find you

God has a purpose for us all, we may not know what it is, and we may even run from it, but sooner or later God finds you. I have a friend who came over one evening to my apartment before I was married just to talk and hang out. After about ten minutes of just talking he told me he was going to become a priest! My friend had just graduated from USC school of dentistry. He had not even told his parents yet. He related to me how he had been struggling with the decision but in the end, God found him. He is a wonderful priest now and a credit to the priesthood. Instead of running and hiding, we need to try to listen with an open heart to what God wants of us and the path he has set for us. Let God lead you to that purpose that in the end will benefit others, because when all is said and done we are here to help others. So the next time you try to hide, don't bother, God will always find you at the right time.

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