Monday, April 21, 2008

Vote for Me!...Give me money!!

I was watching the news today and saw a statistic that greatly disturbed me. The three current candidates raised a total of over 65 million dollars in March alone! In contrast last night I was watching the finale of the Big Give last night which was called the shirt off your back, which meant the contestants had to benefit someone starting off with no money to use. The three remaining people raised a total of 170 thousand dollars that would benefit a school that helps unprivileged kids. They did this with just their own determination and drive. Now what is wrong with this picture, which seems the more noble cause that would benefit someone. Imagine if the candidates contributed one third of what they raise for their campaigns to people who really needed it! It makes me very sad that all the candidates care about is "vote for me...give me money! The Big Give last night showed me what people who have real drive and caring could do with no money, now take that a step forward and imagine if you had the money the candidates raise. I pray that maybe one of the candidates will read this and maybe pause and say, "yes what is wrong with this picture?" I hope next time they say "vote for me..give me money!" they will instead say"vote for me, but give the money to someone who really needs it!"

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