Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Best Path

There once was a young knight named Pendragon who was on a very important mission for the King to the neighboring kingdom. He came to a forest that he had to go through, but it was unfamiliar to him and there were two paths. In the middle of these paths was an ancient oak tree where sat a young Gryphon. "welcome traveler how can I help you?" the young knight bowed and replied "my name is Pendragon and I am on urgent business for the King but this forest is unfamiliar to me, can you tell me which is the best path?" The young Gryphon smiled down at the knight and said "take the path to my right and it will take you to where you need to go." Pendragon looked at the path the Gryphon suggested and saw the path was dark and narrow but the path to the left was straight and bright. He looked up at the Gryphon with a questioning look, but the Gryphon just smiled. Pendragon thanked the Gryphon and took the path on the right, as he passed the tree the Gryphon said to him "do not stray from the path no matter what." Pendragon rode down the dark path, time passed and he came to a swamp, but he stayed on the path as the Gryphon told him. Further on he came to a high mountain where a blizzard was blowing, and though he began to curse the Gryphon thinking he had been made a fool of, he stayed on the path. Finally he came to the gates of the city he was sent to, the guards surprised by his presence asked him, "by which path did you come my Lord?" Pendragon replied "by the western path why?" The soldier replied "a Dragon has been attacking and killing anyone who has come by the Eastern path, we have not had word from anyone for months!" The morale of the story, The Best Path may not always be the easiest path to take.

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