Monday, April 07, 2008

Romance...A Mystery of Life

Romance has got to be one of the greatest mysteries known to man. What causes two people to fall in love what attracts one to another. How do I know, it's a mystery! There are so many variables when it comes to romance, it's no wonder that poor teenage boys get stressed when it comes to the prom. Do any of you remember your prom, I do for me it was a social disaster that scared me for a long time. Rejection is part of romance as well, but so is love , kindness and probably every emotion in the human condition and yet..we can't be without it. It's part of our literature and in our movies. I love the old movies with Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland now that was what was perceived as the ideal romance, where the leading man gets the damsel in distress. To me romance is respect, respect for the other person you care about and I think for most people thats where the let down is. As we get use to one another over the years we may forget how to be Errol Flynn or Olivia DeHavilland to each other but we always have to remember to respect one another. Romance will always be a mystery to us all but all we can do is respect each other and be kind. Good luck to us all.

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