Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where are you.....Oh There you are!

Have you ever been looking for your keys, and you look all over the house, and can't find them? Then all of a sudden there they are, they were always right in front of you. Sometimes God can be that way for many people, especially teens. We live in a world where our young people need to be entertained to find the value in something, even religion. As an adult we are more apt to understand to the most part the importance of faith and religion in our daily lives. To teens if they are bored then it must not be important. As a parent we want to be tolerant and empathic to their feelings but at the same time I think it's important that we give them every tool and opportunity to understand. Sometimes like the little knight we are searching in the fog trying to find something that is just within arms reach, but it is sometimes our ignorance or inflexibility to learn and understand that keeps us in that fog. If your one of those people who ask why God and why religion, you should also be asking why not God and why not religion. Get informed, it's not just about being entertained it's about faith and belief, if your lost ask someone, talk to someone tell them how you feel. Don't just give up and say i'm bored I don't want to do this anymore. Making a commitment to God is huge and not to be taken lightly, for myself I can't imagine being without God. We as a society owe it to our kids to try to make them understand the why in whatever means we have at hand, as it says in scripture "be all things to all men". So don't be lost in the fog, God is closer than you think.

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