Saturday, April 05, 2008

Depression...You can beat it!

Depression is such a devastating thing, it can bring you down almost worse than anything. It separates you from your friends, your family, from the world. It takes it's toll physically as well as mentally and some have said it's as bad as having cancer. I can tell you from first hand experience it's pretty darn close. My wife has this and for a year we struggled to find out why and how to cope with it. To be honest it's almost a hit and miss thing like playing the game battleship, you hope to get the right combination of doctor and meds, unfortunately we went though a lot to find the combination. I know it may all sound like a cliche when I say this but if not for our faith we would have been hard pressed to survive. It took some time but we finally found the right combinations. She still has a few episodes when things get a little tough but nothing we can't get through. The point I want to make here is it can be beat, you can get through it, but you need the help of your family, your friends and Faith in God and you will beat it!

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