Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friends...A Gift From God.

Friends, we all have them, casual friends, close friends, extended family friends. I have one very precious friend and I use her as an example because it reminds me a lot of our relationship with God. I have known my friend Kassandra for almost ten years and In that time we have maybe gone to lunch together maybe about five or six times. She has come to a few things of my son's and it probably takes about three emails before she emails me back not in maybe many people's eyes as a close friendship, and yet without fail I know she would be there for me if need be as I would be for her. I have complete faith in her and anything I have ever done for her I have never expected her to reciprocate in any way. My joy is to do things for her as I'm sure it is for her. Our relationship with God is a lot like that, or I think it should be, don't give in hopes of getting something back, thats not true friendship. As I always say to my friend Kassandra when she tells me I didn't have to do it I always respond "thats the reason I didn't it because I didn't have to". It's all about the joy of giving to one another, thats what makes true friends gifts from God. I know without a doubt my friend Kassandra is my gift from God I always pray for her as I'm sure she always prays for me, I will always cherish her. Always treat your friends with love and respect because after all they are gifts from God.

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