Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Perfect Family....Not!

The family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus has been revered as the Holy family, the model of what a family should be, the "perfect" family. Think about it though, were they really the perfect family in our manner of thinking, of course not. Now before everyone gets in a uproar continue reading. Lets take a look at the "perfect" family. Take Mary first off, she was a unwed mother who as we know was almost stoned according to Jewish law except for the intervention of God with Joseph, who stepped up and did the right thing. With that said, then you have Jesus himself who in contemporary terms was an adopted child. Now in most societies and even today would not be considered the "perfect" family because of the status of the family members. Yet they are the "perfect" example of a families love for one another despite their individual status, they are the "perfect" example of what a family should be for todays families. With divorce on the rise and so many other situations that put the family in danger we all need to take a longer look at Jesus' family and see how a real family coped with many of the issues families do today. So were they the "perfect" family...No, but were they the "perfect" example of a families love, absolutely.

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