Sunday, April 06, 2008


What would it be like to be a Superhero, maybe to be like Superman and fly, or to leap tall buildings in a single bound wouldn't that be fun? I have always loved comics in fact it was comics that help me to learn to draw and read. I remember laying on the floor with tracing paper and tracing over the art. So many memories tied up with being a superhero. As you grow older you learn what the meaning of a superhero truly is. There is a great comic that I sometimes read it's called Rose is Rose and there was this one day I read and it had the little boy standing in the doorway and in the distance are four figures approaching. One is a Fireman, one is a Policeman, one is a Soldier and one is a Cowboy. As they get closer they begin to merge into one image. The little boy turns and shouts to his mom "Dad's Home!" That's what a Superhero is to me my Dad, he passed on a while back but to this day I always remember his stories and everything he taught me, I am the person I am because of him, my Superhero, my Dad.

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