Friday, April 25, 2008

Stuff....Do we really need it?

Have you ever noticed when you have to do some cleaning or your moving all the "stuff" you come across, things you never even knew you had. Now having stuff is in itself not bad, we all collect things over the years, but it's when that stuff starts to dictate your life, thats when you have to say to yourself do I really need it? Dragons as we all know are notorious for collecting "stuff", and after collecting it they never want to leave their cave for fear someone will steal their "stuff"! Imagine how much wonderful time you would waste if you were like the dragon and you let the "stuff" dictate what you do in your life. So afraid to leave your "stuff" that friends leave, opportunities pass you by. That is how "stuff" can rule your life if you let it. Just keep in mind "stuff" can always be replaced, but you can never replace the time lost with your friends and the ones you love. So think about it "stuff" You really need it?


moonmystic said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my yearly garagesale. I get rid of a ton of stuff and donate whatever doesn't sell. Unfortunately, my husband is a "collector" and will never get rid of stuff.

Leon Garcia said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I do the same, but thank goodness my wife is there. I know for some people it is really hard to let go. As I said when it starts to dictate your life thats when you have to step back and take stock:)