Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well at least my representation of God to me my little Gryphon Avalon. I choose a Gryphon because it is a very unusual creature, but it's a good symbol also, two animals that are one. Which brings me to our topic today. We all have our thoughts as to who God is. In scripture Jesus even asks "who do you say I am?" He is known by many different names, Allah, Buddha, but simply put no matter what you call him in any culture he is still simply God the father of us all. It matters not what religion you are, Catholic, Muslim, Protestant, or whatever, God is still God. I know that maybe seems a bit idealized but it's the way I have always felt. Even raised all my life as a Catholic, I still feel that way, God is God. As we go from day to day in our lives lets all try to agree on one thing no matter what religion you are God is God the Father of us all.

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