Friday, April 11, 2008

Life is too short....Have some Fun!

Well it's Friday, I'm sure some people will say, God it's finally here! As I was working on a story the illustration I made for it inspired me to write about having fun. I thought the little boy and his friend the Gryphon looked like they were having a great time dancing. I remember back in middle school how they always had dances and of course on one side were the boys and the other side were the girls. It always seemed that when there was about ten minutes left in the dance some brave soul would walk that great distance between the girls and boys and ask a girl to dance, which of course open the flood gates and everyone begin dancing. Then before you know it the dance was over and everyone was groaning about it ending. Imagine how much fun they would have had if they would have started dancing earlier. I have found life is a lot like those middle school dances, that you don't find out how fun something is until it's too late. Mostly because we have so much going on in our lives that we miss out on just having fun. Life is just too darn short to worry about things, God will take care of you and all your worries. So the weekend is here plan something fun with your families or boyfriend or just plain friends don't sit at home feeling sorry for yourself do something, have some Fun!

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