Thursday, April 03, 2008

Path of Life

The Path of life, a journey that begins at our birth and ends with our death. Each of us has to choose the path we walk each day, do we go right or left, should I cheat on my wife or keep true to my vows? Should I believe in God or not? The choices are endless, but God in his infinite wisdom puts road signs along the way, our friends and our family. They are the people God puts there to help guide us along the bumpy path. I have always been fortunate to have lots of friends and a great family, I can honestly say that I feel like the Bill Gates of friendships, God has always had someone come to me at a time when I needed them even if it was a one time conversation. There are a couple of lines in a song we sang tonight in choir that go so well with tonights blog it goes "You will show me the path of life, and guide me to joy forever". That is what our family and friends do every day, guide us to joy forever, God's joy. So remember when a friend comes to you be their guide on the Path of Life.

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