Monday, March 31, 2008

Show Me....!

Imagine for a moment your Peter, you've just seen the Lord and he is risen and your all excited and you run and tell the other disciples, then the Lord appears hangs out with you guys for a bit and then is gone to return later. In walks Thomas, and you all are excited and you tell him what happened. Then he stuns you by saying "until I put my finger into the wounds on his hands and the wound on his side I won't believe!" What is up with this guy, was he blind or mute and didn't see all the things he did? I mean he went everywhere Jesus did, so why didn't he believe what Peter and the other disciples told him? Unfortunately we all tend to be like Thomas at times, it's as if we come from Missouri, the show me state. We all need proof that something is so. It's no wonder that because of that disciples lack of faith, he is forever called doubting Thomas. Peter and the other disciples showed that even in the darkest times your faith will be rewarded. Faith is not easy, it requires you to believe without solid proof. We stumble along the way, the trick is to get up and instead of saying "show me" say instead "lead me".

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