Friday, March 21, 2008

In A Moment...

In a moment
I saw him in a crowd
smiling and laughing
never being loud
you smiled at me
and said "come with us
and see what we will see."

In a moment
you made water into wine
never knowing then
that this was God's sign
you made a blind man see
and I saw then
what God could be

In a moment
I saw you heal a little girl
who rose from her bed
to dance and twirl
we shared your wine and bread
and in God's name
we were fed

In a moment
I heard you pray
"If this be your will
let it be done this day"
I saw them come for you
and you were gone
I didn't know what to do

In a moment
I denied your name
and I knew
I would never be the same
I saw you suffer on the tree
your arms spread wide
and you forgave me

In a moment
you made me see
what love truly is
and how you died for me

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