Sunday, March 23, 2008


Faith, what a powerful word, believing in something without proof, how hard is that to do in our daily lives. The picture to the right is taken from the 1937 movie Lost Horizon, in which five people are kidnapped and brought to a place with no wars, no conflicts and where no one wants for anything. People age very gradually there so you may live to be hundreds of years old. Sounds like Heaven doesn't it? The main character to the right, Conway, has been convinced by his brother that all he has heard in Shangri-La is a lie and convinces him to leave this perfect place. I picked the screenshot on the right because it is a pivotal point in the main characters life, he looks back at Shangri-La and wonders "am I making the right decision?" His face shows such turmoil and what he must do and in the end his concern for his brother wins out and he leaves. How like Peter is that when he was confronted with almost the same choice and denied Jesus. Yet there is a happy ending to the movie and Peter's decision, Conway does go back to Shangri-La, it takes him six tries before he finds the right pass in the mountains, but find it he does. As with Peter, despite his denial of Jesus he had Faith in God's forgiveness, just as Conway had Faith he could find Shangri-La again. We all struggle with our Faith each and every day of our lives, as we do lets try and do the best we can and be like Conway who it took six times before he found Shangri-La, never give up Faith no matter how hopeless you think something is, in the end God will always be there waiting for you in your own Shangri-La.

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