Monday, March 17, 2008

Inner Light

Long ago I had a best friend, her name was Jaime, even at a young age she was a model and pretty much had everything. Yet she was nothing like the divas of today. She had a deep understanding way beyond her years, and a complete believe in God. She had a inner light that would shine through at even at the darkest of times and whomever it touched would change them. It was a feat I saw happen many times in her young life. I know it often touched me and i'm a better person because of it. She often said we all have that inner light, God is not selfish and just gives it to a few, but to everyone. It's just a matter of letting that light out so it can touch someone else. The last night I was with her she reminded me about that inner light and how it will get you through anything, you just have to have faith. She passed away at the age of 20, but to this day I have never forgotten the promise I made to her, to spread that inner light, so it can touch others and just keep going and maybe someday this world will know that inner light.

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