Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for a Miracle

We are always searching for a miracle for one reason or another and when it happens we sometimes go, thats it! We don't appreciate the miracle for what it is, something wonderful that happens even if it's fleeting. I remember a movie with Robin Williams and Robert Dinero where Robin played a doctor who helped patients with Alzheimer's type of disease. Robert Dinero played the patient. The doctor tried an experimental drug that made them normal and it was a great success until as time passed the drug no longer worked and they reverted back to the way they were. I remember the doctor feeling that he had failed until the mother sat with him and said that even if her son had only been with her for just one hour to her it was still a miracle. We have to try to recognize the miracle when we see it and learn that no matter how small or how short the miracle is, it is still a miracle.

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