Tuesday, May 20, 2008

King David was a Dancing Fool!

I had always read that if there ever was a big celebration in ancient times, King David always led the procession dancing and cavorting wildly. In any place of worship you will always hear about the choir or the preaching and even how well the instruments did on the music, but you never hear much about the dancing. In our church we are blessed with some wonderful liturgical dancers, they are like swans gliding upon a lake in perfect harmony. They never retract from the service and they only add to the beauty of it. We all worship in different ways and each of us has a gift to share with their own community to bring Gods love in all his many ways. So whatever community or religion you are in and if you are lucky enough to have dancers go up to them give them a hug and say thank you for sharing your gift, and remember, King David was a dancing fool too!

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