Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Journey Begins

Today is a momentous day in our families lives, our son Michael is graduating from High School. Now begins his journey on the path of life. It can be scary, it can be exciting it can be any number of things for different people. It is sort of like stepping out of childhood and into adulthood. Now is a time to increase ones learning towards a career or simply going straight into a job. The choices seem endless, but as we all know we all go through it and survive. It's also a transition for us as parents as well, our children become more independent and maybe not needing us as much as before and maybe even moving out or going to a college out of state. So we as parents also go through a lot of emotional changes. All in all it's an exciting time and no amount of words can express how proud of my son that I am. I hope you will join me in wishing him well and keeping him in your prayers because now truly The Journey Begins.

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