Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Be Still...Be Quiet....Be With God.

Have you ever just sat still for a minute and just listened to the sounds around you, did you say something like, " I didn't know we had songbirds in that tree" We miss so much when we rush and run all around. It's the same way with our relationship with God. We are so intent on our destination that we miss how we even got there or what we even saw. Sometimes we think if we do lots of things in our Parish we are doing a good thing, but it's important to remember that we also need to be served and to do that we need to be still... be quite... and be with God. Take just twenty minutes and sit still and be quiet and don't try to actually listen to anything just sit and let things come to you and appreciate all you hear or smell, even that noisy leaf blower, imagine if you were deaf and could not hear it, so count your blessings and remember, be still... be quiet... and be with God.

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