Monday, July 07, 2008

The Olympic Spirit

I want to first take this moment before I began my blog topic by apologizing for the recent lack of posts. To be honest nothing has motivated me to post or draw anything, until today. I don't think it's fair to you or myself to force myself to write something or draw something unless I feel committed to it. The Olympic Spirit, what does that mean, is it about a protester trying to snatch the Olympic Torch from someone, who has probably waited all their lives for this one moment, or is it a political leader exposing how his country is not going to attend because of who is sponsoring the games this year.No, that is not the Olympic Spirit, and though the cause may be justified the Olympics are not a political venue. This is suppose to be where all the nations check their attitudes and animosities at the door and as the advertisements say "where the World comes together". I don't care how right or just the cause, the Olympics need to be above all that. I can't began to tell you how infuriated I was when I would see over and over again protesters trying to yank the Olympic Torch from some innocent runners hand. Its so contrary to what they are advocating, they are using a venue that promotes peace and unity to further their own political agenda of social justice. China certainly does have social justice issues to correct, but this is so not the way or venue to promote this. Lets keep the Olympic Spirit as it was meant to be Peace and unity for the World.

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